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A Note from Artistic Director Elaine Comparone:

Warm greetings to website visitors! This season, the best place to catch the work of the QCB is on our YouTube videos (enter "Elaine Comparone, harpsichord" into search engine!) As of January 13, 2017 our videos have attracted 3,311,041 hits! From our first concerts in 1995 to our last season in 2012, Harpsichord Unlimited presented the Queen's Chamber Band in an annual New York City concert series that offered both well-known and obscure Baroque music along with world premieres of commissioned works by distinguished composers. Now is the time to sort out this tremendous backlog of concert videos and audio tapes and to share them with our wide international audience on YouTube. More than three million viewers have watched, listened and commented on our 50-plus videos, and we'd like to give them and others more to enjoy. So we invite you to support us in this "archiving" and dissemination project. Please tell us what you think of our offerings! In addition to our YouTube site, you may  find our CDs and DVDs on as well as Digital Downloads from Arabesque Records on sites such as iTunes and Amazon.

See you on YouTube!!